Galactic loss

I am tempted to say “Was Filme angeht bin ich nicht so nah am Wasser gebaut” which means I am not a crybaby in/for movies but I used to watch “Das letzte Einhorn” (The Last Unicorn) every year and cried. I also cried to “Die kleine Meerjungfrau” (The Little Mermaid) (“Malá morská víla”)  but only to the czech movie with the proper tragic ending.

Recently Guardians of the Galaxy brought me close to tears. Losing your mum is always tragic. Losing her this way (you young, she terribly ill) is even more cruel and sad. However the scene that almost made me cry was when the now grown up boy opens his mothers last present and the fact that he had not openend it ages ago. It is something personal, something he has one other similar thing of, for which he crazyly had risked his life for earlier in the storyline.


2 thoughts on “Galactic loss

  1. I think nothing or no one can replace moms. And the fear of losing them is horrifying.


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