Beauty in a cupcake

Beauty is what we perceive as beauty. What our heart loves is beautiful per se. Even the dog who won the title uggliest dog in the world can be beautiful for you. When you do something with love you will look at the outcome with loving eyes. I did a felt cupcake today and although I was tired and probably could have done better my pin needle cupcake is beautiful. In my view it is umpteen times more beautiful than the shop bought felt cupcake (which is more perfect and nicer for the not blinded from love eyes).


This picture is beautiful, too cause it was made by a loved one.

Selfcritical thought searching for uggliness all around: I have stiched better rhinos in primary school and should learn to use the sewing machine and stick to writing and playing with words but I did this cupcake with love: therefore it is a work of beauty. Fullstop.

Not every meal prepared with love is beautifully tasty though. When you put too much salt in the food a German saying is that the cook must have been in love.

Gonna rush into the kitchen to commit another cooking crime.


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