A few days ago I have been to a reading by Dame Carol Anne Duffy. In a church and with music (and wine). Written words read aloud connect the audience. Though I asked myself why the average age seemed to have been 70 years old. When one elderly Gentleman remarked “Mr. and Mrs. special couldn’t be bothered to show up” I felt connected with the fellow audience again, because I shared the sentiment (two front seats were reserved for advertisers). There was a huge advertisement. Maybe, because I am German, but I felt advertisement should not be in a church. Outside the front door at the entrance, ok, but on display inside? On the other hand churches in the UK do lots of lively and good things to give people a place to connect with each other. You would not find a murder mystery in a church in Germany, nor coffee morning, Queens 90th birthday celebration or even a toddler group and maybe you would not hear about “the human bee” either.



1 thought on “Verbunden

  1. Interesting subject for debate – if one takes the view that the spiritual nature of activities in churches builds up a special atmosphere, then these commercial sidelines and flippant pursuits within the hallowed halls are surely countering that? On the other hand, in this era churches feel the need to ‘get with it’ or be submerged by apathy.


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