Schottland – a love letter to Scotland

Scotland I love you


A Fruchtzwerge magnet and an old Edinborough postcard. Reminders of a beautiful rough place. My first impression of Scotland is about two decades old. At a pupils exchange visit the family of my exchange partner Catriona went from Yorkshire to Scotland with me for three days. Yorkshire is allright, York very beautiful, I remember the Viking Museum and a moor. Scotland however is breathtaking. Cliffs of real grey stone on your left at least 10 meters. Your gaze falls down: there is the bluest water I have ever seen and in the middle of the lake or loch is an island with trees. To your right the massive grey stone reaches up ten/twenty/amazing meters. The climate is considerably rougher and cooler. Wonderful landscape.

I hate the thought to be seperated through a border of this beauty.

Well, we have to wait for tomorrow to know if the land of thistles has left.


2 thoughts on “Schottland – a love letter to Scotland

  1. I hope one day I get to visit Scotland, it indeed is breathtaking. Also, can we talk about the Scottish accent? E A R G A S M. Everything about it is beautiful, if truth be told.


  2. I love Scotland. It’s absolutely amazing. I studied abroad in Edinburgh and I don’t think I’ll ever find a place as beautiful


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